Common Netflix problems and How to fix them

2016-12-21 03:44:54

Netflix has been widely used in many parts of the world, and it soon becomes an important part of entertainment. This post will sum up some common problems that might occur when people are using Netflix, followed by a solution for each problem.


Problems with connection

If you are watching bad quality video or struggling with taking long time to begin a movie/show, this will likely relate to the internet connection which can be low due to many reasons like sharing the internet among houses, etc.



1. Restart your smartphone, TV, gaming console or other device that you are using to stream Netflix.
2.Reboot your Router. And turn your wireless router off for 60 seconds then turn it on.
3.Check the Wi-Fi location – you need to put the router in the central of your house and away from electronic devices since it might cause distortion among devices.
4.If the problem still exists, then you can try to contact to your ISP (internet service provider) to get adequate support.


Netflix Error 1011 & 1012

These are two of the most common Netflix problems on iPhone and iPad. If you’ve already encountered connection problem, you might need to take additional steps in order to fix the issue.


1.Reset Netflix app. Open Settings >> Navigate to Netflix >> Toggle Reset >> Open and Sign in again
2.If doesn’t work, try to restart your iOS device and delete the Netflix app, then install it again.


Netflix Error 1016

Another problem that iOS users might run into is the Error 1016. This can be explained because you have an unstable internet connection



1.Turn on Airplane mode on your device for 30 seconds, and then you turn it off.


Netflix Error 12001

While Netflix error 1016 usually happens to iOS users, Error Code 12001 is exclusive to Android users. This is because of the data on your device is out of date and needs cleared.



1.Settings >> Application Manager (Apps or Applications) >> Netflix >> Clear Data.


Too many users on Netflix

This problem happens because you share your Netflix account with others people, and a popup will appear “Your Netflix account is used in another device. Please stop playing in other device”.


1.You can change your password and check for who is using your account so that you can prevent them from using it – it normally takes hours to complete the process  
2.However, if you need to share your account with your family members, you can upgrade to more expensive plan.


Black screen problems

There are lots of reasons that cause this problem. Here is a solution for this.



1.Clear Netflix cookies >> Sign in again
2.Use Google and Firefox instead of IE or Safari
3.Uninstall Silverlight Plugin from your computer
4.Check for new updates with your antivirus software since it might prevent you from streaming if you have an obsolete antivirus software


Problems with Apple TV

You cannot watch Netflix while using apple TV



1.Restart Apple TV – check for new updates
2.Restart Router
3.If fails, sign out. If you see an error on your screen press the play button and then choose sign out or deactivate.
4.If you’re watching and then it informs “who is watching Netflix” – then sign out for few minutes before signing in back.


Xbox one & PS4 Netflix problems

If you experience a problem while using Xbox One or PS4 to stream Netflix. There are some steps to help you out.


1.Turn off the device for 15 to 30 seconds
2.Log out your Netflix account (Settings >> Log Out). Then, log back in to see if it works.
3.If all fail, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the app.

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