How to solve Screen-overlay-detected problem on Android

2016-12-19 05:09:54
Android 6.0 Marshmallow enables users to control every individual permission for an application’s needs. One of the most common errors that you might encounter on Android 6.0 is “Screen Overplay Detected” which doesn’t allow users to launch apps as well as grant permissions. Apps like Facebook, Lux and others (difficult to address the right ones though) are usually held responsible for this predicament. In order to fix it, users have to detect the right problematic app that has been overlaying on other apps to function features like message windows; hence, users cannot grant permission for new apps while using Facebook chat. There are few steps below guiding how to fix Screen-Overlay-Detected error on Android.

Step by step tutorial:

1. Address the problematic app causing the issue. To do this: 
  • Go to the Device Settings » Apps » Gear icon (on the top right) » Draw over other apps. 
 Samsung devices: Go to Settings » Application » Application Manager » More » Apps that can appear on top.

2. Next, a list of apps having “draw over apps” permission will appear, and you need to identify the app which might cause the issue

3. Now, you can either turn off one by one to test for the right app causing the issue or just disable some common apps such as CleanMaster, Lux and Twilight… Apps with brightness control often can cause the issue.

4. Once you disabled “Draw over other apps” function on the app, you can turn back to the app where you were granting permission and then check whether or not the error still exists.

5. This should prevent the Screen Overlay Detected problem. And, you can always re-enable the screen overlay for the app in Step 3. Good Luck! 


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