How to stop getting recommended videos from YouTube for Android

2016-12-20 08:44:33

Notifications on YouTube are often sent to users in order for them to keep track of what might interesting and happening on social media when a person follow a certain channel. For example, if you like rock music and follow a rock band on YouTube, then it will inform and keep sending to you notifications about other rock bands that you’re not interested in perhaps.

Fortunately, we have solution for you. There are only a few steps that you can do to make the problem disappear.


Tips to stop receiving recommended notifications on YouTube for Android

Step 1: Open YouTube on your device. Tap the user silhouette/three dots on the top right


Step 2: As your profile show up >> Choose Settings >> Notifications


Step 3: Toggle the button of recommended videos, switching it from on to off


Now you won’t be annoyed because of random recommended videos. Enjoy!


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