How to track heart rate on Samsung S7 Edge

2016-12-20 08:03:17

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has many distinct features like fingerprint scanner, NFC capabilities and heart rate monitor. Apart from the first two well-known features used by the majority on smartphones, the heart rate monitor is also prominent, salient and interesting to people. This feature allows users to keep track their heart rates so that they can know the state of their health.

However, a lot of Samsung S7 Edge owners don’t know how to operate it on their phone. This post is designed to help you to take advantage of your device and make it even more effectively with your healthcare program, which is already built on Samsung devices. Surely, this will improve your health in the best way by taking good care of your heart.


If your phone doesn’t have S-Health, you can download with this link: S-Health


How to track heart rate on Samsung S7 Edge

1. Find and Access to S-Health on S7 Edge


2. Launch and accept the terms and conditions of S-Health

3. Navigate to the Heart rate function


4. Place your finger on the heart rate sensor on the back of your device – next to the camera


5. You can view the process on your screen


6. Finally, you see the result at end of the process

“Stay fit and keep a healthy heart, so we won’t be apart!”


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