How to transfer files from Android to Mac

2016-12-19 07:37:53
Google has first introduced MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) in 2011 as the main tool of transferring files from Android devices to PC that can help users to save their storage. MTP is really helpful to the majority of PC users since it allows their phones and computers to have access to the storage at the same time without any difficulties. However, it becomes quite complicated when it comes to Mac because Mac doesn’t allow MTP for file transfers. Thus, Google made a move and came up with a new measure to help Mac users to move files from Android to Mac in the form of “Android File Transfer” application. AFT was helpful at first but soon it became obsolete, out-of-date with lots of bugs since Google hasn’t improved it much with new updates.

Luckily, there are some useful 3rd party applications that will help you out if you refuse to use the old-fashioned method. Here is a list of well-known apps which allow mac users to transfer files easily among their devices.

Android File Transfer - The old man for those who like traditional ways

1.Download and install Android File Transfer 
2.Plug in USB cable. It should automatically launch on Mac with file transferring box.
3.If you are using Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above, MTP mode is disabled by default, so you need to turn on MTP mode on your Android device in order to transfer files.

HandShaker - A better alternative with greater UI

HandShaker charges no money in the Mac App Store. It has a better user interface which looks more suitable and appealing to Mac interface and users than the old AFT while it doesn’t change the functionality. Plus, with HandShaker you can view your photos’ thumbnails as well as perform some task management on your Mac.

Here is a few steps to install HandShaker on Mac:

1. Uninstall the AFT on Mac if you have installed it before since it will pop up every time you plug your device in. 

2. Enable USB debugging on Android device. 
  • Open Settings » About Phone » tap Build Number 7 times until you get a message “You’re now a developer.” 
  • Go back Settings » Developer Options » USB Debugging turn it on .
3. Click on “I have authorized this Mac to access my phone” on Mac after you enabled USB debugging

4. Finally, you need to authorize HandShaker on Android device. Check on your device and see a popup for USB debugging, choose “Always Allow” and click OK.

5. Now, you can transfer and view your files from Android to Mac easily.

Transfer files without using USB cable from Android to Mac  

For those who feel tired with using cables for transferring data from smartphone to pc, there are plenty of alternatives with wireless connection. 
Beginners should try out Portal, a simple app on Google Play Store, provides wireless data transfer to users. In order to download Portal visit: 
Link download: Portal

You need to scan the QR code from Portal to initiate it. However, Portal only works one way, it means you only can transfer from Mac to Android. So, if you want to try something much more versatile, you can download apps like AirMore, Airdroid and etc from the links below - the instruction will be displayed on screen to show how to use these apps.

Link download: Airmore
Link download: Airdroid


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