Remove Google Account FRP On Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

2016-05-01 05:57:00

We can remove FRP on any Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, instant remote working without root or flash anything into your devices

Why Google support "Google Account Reactivation Lock" on Android's phones like Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge?
The answer is: Make sure that your device is protected
You can set up your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge to prevent other people from using it if it has been reset to factory settings without your permission. For example, if your device is lost, stolen or wiped, only someone with your Google account can use the device. This protection is familiar to iCloud reactivation on iDevices

Contact us for detail:
- Whatsapp: +84986628611 or +84909911920
- Skype:
- Viber: +84986628611
- Wechat: minhha24nd 

But what will happen if you bought Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge from your friend or a gift from your relative and he logged on his google account and now he forgot the password or you also bought from online website like eBay, craiglist..and you can't contact with the seller. And now, your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge is requiring the previous google account and you can just look it. We can help you. We can solve this trouble. There are many words to explain this problem like we can remove the old google account reactivation on your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge or we can turn off FRP On/Fap lock On Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

How do we can solve this trouble? What material do we need? And How long for this process?
* We confirm you don't need send/ship your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge anywhere, you just sit back with your phone
* We supply this service all over the world so we can fix this google account reactivation via REMOTELY
* You need:
- a Windows laptop/computer (we suggest Windows 7)
- a micro-usb cable (it will connect your phone with your laptop)
- a technical software (it will create a connection between your laptop to our server)
- set up your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge with "Google account screen"
* We will communicate via this software and you can help our team
* It will take about 15-30 minutes. It will be depend on your INTERNATIONAL connection (some country with domestic internet is good but international internet isn't)
What is the best time?
* My timezone is GMT+7
* We are available from 8AM to 7PM everyday
* You can arrange your schedule

How safe about our service?
* There is no ROOT
* There won't affect hardware of your phone
* There isn't flashing any CUSTOM files
* Our services will remove the old google account Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge completely
* You can make hard-reset or flash stock-firmware. It never ask the old google account again

This is a list of Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge models that we can remove the google account:
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
G935A (SM-G935A) AT&T
G935T (SM-G935T) T-Mobile
G935P (SM-G935P) Sprint
G935V (SM-G935V) Verizon
G935R4 (SM-G935R4) US Cellular
G935W8 (SM-G935W8) Canada Bell Rogers Telus Koodo Wind
G935W8 (SM-G935W8) Mexico Telcel
G935F (SM-G935F) UK France Ireland Russia Morroco
G935F (SM-G935F) Vodafone Orange Three O2
G935D (SM-G935D) SC-02H Japan Docomo
G935J (SM-G935J) SCV33 Japan AU KDDI
G935K (SM-G935K) Korea KT Telecom
G935L (SM-G935L) Korea LG U+
G935S (SM-G935S) Korea SK Telecom
G9350 (SM-G9350)

Samsung Galaxy S7
G930A (SM-G930A) AT&T
G930T (SM-G930T) T-Mobile
G930P (SM-G930P) Sprint
G930V (SM-G930V) Verizon
G930R4 (SM-G930R4) US Cellular
G930T1 (SM-G930T1) Metro PCS
G930AZ (SM-G930AZ) Cricket
G930PZ (SM-G930PZ) Virgin USA
G930W8 (SM-G930W8) Canada Bell Telus Koodo Wind
G930F (SM-G930F) Virgin Australia
G9308 (SM-G9308)
G9300 (SM-G9300)


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