Trick : Uninstall Knox on SamSung Galaxy Devices

2016-12-15 11:15:55
KNOX is a security solution for Samsung smart phone to protect its device. It is only used for the phone have android version 4.3 or above. KNOX is a very smart merchandism which is promised to grab mobile management market from Blackerry. Customers who want to protect their private information and privacy is huge in this Internet era. KNOX can protect your phone system fully and help them easier for use device to work and play in the safely way - BOYD ( Your Own Device Environments).  Basically, KNOX will separate the personal data and work data into 2 diffetent parts. Then, your phone will have two profiles, one for work and one for the other tasks such as entertainment. However, sometime KNOW is quite annoy users. Rooted devices can not enable some functions of the device which is blocked by KNOX.
One of the method to uninstall KNOW on Samsung galaxy devices which is preferred and easy is shown below.


1. Open KNOX app

2. Click on the dots in the upper right conner of the screen

3.  Open the setting

4. Then, click on KNOX Settings

5. Select uninstall KNOX

6. After unstalling KNOX, it will ask if you want to back up KNOX data or not.

That's it! Now you can uninstall KNOX on your Samsung device in the easiest way. 
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