Gsm-file usb remote and IMEI Services

Calculating MSL Code all Samsung

1.2K 345 1.65K 76


27 credits


Processing time

12 hours, 00 minutes

Imei required

Usb required

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Samsung MSL Code Calculation by S/N & Imei.

Time : 1-12hours (maximum 48hour)
Note: When submit order, please text model phone & SN & Imei.

Model phone: SM-G935A
Imei: 355678xxxxxxxx
SN: RH8Fxxxx

- MSL code is used to Unlock Network all Samsung. Some samsung phones all box dont support unlock or incorrect code.
- After Get MSL, you can direct unlock your phone by UART cable (with GCprokey or Z3x).
- Supported model:
J510FN, J510MN, J510GN, SC-02H(G935D), G935A, G930A, SM-A520F, SM-A720F (Galaxy A7 2017), SM-G955x (S8 Plus), SM-G950x (Galaxy S8), SM-C900x (Galaxy C9 Pro 2017)...and all model samsung.
Note: Please watch video, if this is first time you submit order on site! Thankyou so much!

Ex: Direct unlock SM-G935A incorrect code  (hard blocked) with MSL code.
Support Online:
Whatsapp: +84986628611

Ex: Direct unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus G955F  with 
MSL code.



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